Silhouette Black Friday Sale!



I'm late to the party, it was my first Thanksgiving being the hostess (read: stressful)!


If you're into paper crafting or decorative planning like I am - you definitely want to head over to Silhouette and pick up a machine, accessories and designs - they are seriously 

I’m not actually affiliated with them, I just think it’s a super sale and I wanted to make sure I said something about it before the sale ends December 4th.

Happy Crafting!


This is that fresh blog smell…


I’m not going to lie to you – this isn’t my first blog.
I am a failed beauty blogger.

In high school I loved looking nice – although I was never one of those girls who was particularly good at doing my hair or putting on makeup. Now that I think about it — I wasn’t that into fashion either.

However, one day I noticed I was closer to 30 than I was 20. I thought to myself…maybe I should learn to do my own makeup. Everything kinda went downhill from there. I became obsessed, I grew out my nails (I’ve always bit them. I know, I know.), learned what conturing was – and spent WAY too much money.

In the midst of all my learning and spending, I decided to blog about my new adventure into the world of beauty products. I mean, why not? I was singing up for subscription boxes left and right, I needed to share what I was getting in the mail each week. I had a dedicated Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter – it was awesome.

There really was only one problem – I’m not really a beauty enthusiast.

I’m a mom, and mommy does a lot of stuff. 

So I decided to step back from the world of blogging for a while. I had another baby (that makes three!). To be honest with you though, I missed the online community that I was a part of when I was blogging. It really easy to lose myself in the midst of raising children. I really missed having my own interests.

So I’m on a new blogging adventure.

Here I am today trying this blogging thing one more time. In this blog you’re going to find a lot of information about my life as a mom – since after all, I do all sorts of stuff. I’m not going to be writing so much about my kids though, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on all the stuff I do.

Stuff this Mommy does..

I’m into crafts, mostly paper crafting currently. I love organizing and I love my planners. I enjoy being a small part of the online planner community and you’re definitely going to hear a lot about that. I currently own two Erin Condren Life Planner’s, one in horizontal and one vertical. I’ve just branched out into the MAMBI Happy Planner world as well – so more on that is surely to come. I own a Silhouette Portrait and I love making my own stickers and other paper crafts. My one of my big goals for 2016 is to start an online store selling my creations.

So much more is to come!

I look forward to hearing about what others do as well, so please feel free to link me to your blogs in the comment section. Show me what stuff you as a Mommy like to do. If you’re not a Mom – that’s cool too – we all like stuff and I want to hear about it.